Welcome to Valpolicella

Valpolicella is known for its fantastic wine, but it is important to understand its culture and its territory, that have been shaped by its people and natural beauty. A region whose landscape is defined by its vineyards, and contains multiple traditions that are varied, unique and authentic. 

It is known for its distinctive agricultural tradition, which includes a wide variety of produce and seasonal ingredients from the garden, the fields, the mountains and local farms. Valpolicella has a renowned cuisine that is colourful, creative, and made ​​up of ancient flavours as well strong influences from the nearby city of Verona and the Veneto region.

Some of the Valpolicella dishes that will delight your palate and your senses include polenta, gnocchi, pasta and beans, pissota with oil, the noble and perfumed truffle radecèle, the beef or wild boar slow-cooked in Amarone wine, the pearà sauce with boiled meats, and the mountain cheeses from the dairies of nearby Lessinia.


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