Among ancient villages, Romanic churches, on the trail of Prehistory

1 August 2015 - There is a mountainous area of ​​Valpolicella, the most picturesque and country style. Here the soil

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Visiting a different Valpolicella

1 July 2015 - You can start with different ideas and interests, following archaeological, natural, monumental or related topics and

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Pleasure and authenticity, at Enoteca della Valpolicella

"Nice to meet you, we are Ada and Carlotta, two friends ready to welcome you and share with you the

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The wild plants in the kitchen of Valpolicella

We are in May, what about the harvest calendar? It's time to harvest the wild asparagus, campion, chives, nettle, hop

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How did Corvina arrive in Valpolicella?

"There was, at that time, in Valle Polesella, a good and gentle man named Bertrando, and the humble work of

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Stop at Croce d’Oro for a plate of asparagus

Accommodation and food since 1800, the “Albergo Croce d’Oro” is run for 50 years by the family Corsi. It was

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Pierina’s lasagnette

At “Trattoria Caprini” there are three things you cannnot miss: the lasagnette of Pierina, served with the ragù sauce, the

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Lamb from Lessinia mountains

Try listening to the stories of people stopping in the taverns of Valpolicella. Once, I remember, the argument fell over

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Ristorante Groto de Corgnan

via Corgnan 41

Tel. +39 045 7731372

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Locanda ‘800

Via Moron, 46 Negrar

Tel. +39 045 6000133

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Enoteca della Valpolicella

Via Osan, 45 Fumane

Tel. 0039 045 6839146

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Trattoria alla Porchetta

Via San Peretto 18, Negrar di Valpolicella

Tel. +39 0457500011

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Trattoria Croce d’Oro

Via Valentini 55, Volargne

Tel. +39 0457732355

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Trattoria Caprini

Torbe, via Paolo Zanotti 9, Negrar di Valp.

Tel. 0039 045 7500511

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