About us

“Valpolicella.it” was born to tell the Valpolicella story through its cuisine, craftsmanship and the ambience of the restaurants within the association “Tavole della Valpolicella”.

The environment, the pleasure of sitting at a table with a glass of wine in hand and a plate of food from our region are the key elements that remind us, and take us back to times long past, and also help us appreciate all that is so special about our beautiful Valpolicella.

On our website Valpolicella.it you will find information about the area and its peaceful spaces and about our authentic and traditional restaurants where you will be welcomed and feel at home.  You will sense the passion and creativity of our food and wine, and our genuine desire to protect the landscape, the biodiversity, the culture and our environment.

We have created a “Tavole della Valpolicella” map which highlights our restaurants, the local vineyards and also places of historical interest and natural beauty.


Illustration by John Cavassori.

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