The Association’s activities

We wanted to get together with the express purpose of restoring and protecting the flavors of our land, the Valpolicella.
We promote and protect the food and wine culture of our country through our restaurants, our cuisine and wines that we select.

We organize initiatives to promote the Valpolicella wine tastings and other craftsmanship, we organize visits to wineries, thematic itineraries, excursions, workshops and other events.

Are you a group of people or an agency interested in organizing a trip, a cultural day, guided tours, wine tasting tours of?

Are you a school and want to organize educational workshops, tours, activities?

Contact us at

The Cavastropoli, the pleasure continues at home!

If you want to take home a bottle of wine you have ordered on our tables, ask one strĂ²polo (cap) and packaging bottle holder.

You can continue to enjoy your wine at home!

The Cavastropoli is an initiative of the Tablets of the Valpolicella.


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