About us

Valpolicella.it born to tell the Valpolicella through its cuisine, craftsmanship and conviviality of the restaurant tables of the Association of Valpolicella.

The place, the pleasures of the table, a glass of wine with a plate of food in our area are the key elements to tell us, to take us sometimes with the thought to a distant time, but also to make us appreciate what we have more nice, here in Valpolicella.

With Valpolicella.it we’ll tell you of our sites, our kitchens, peaceful space, and almost home when we are ready to welcome you, we will speak with passion and imagination, food and wine, of authenticity and conviviality, but also to protect the landscape, biodiversity, culture and environment.

The culture of food is a sign of civilization. Food and communicates ago ‘understanding of a place.


Illustration by John Cavassori.

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