Visiting a different Valpolicella

1 July 2015 - You can start with different ideas and interests, following archaeological, natural, monumental or related topics and important historical figures. Only two ideas, which precede more to come: the Grotta di Fumane and the Pieve of San Giorgio, with the nearby Antiquarium. The Grotta have been recently reported the latest findings. What is now called "Shelter Solinas", or simply "Grotta di Fumane", it is known as one of the greatest monuments of ancient prehistory. This field is of great interest to understand the great cultural and biological change in human evolution occurred around 40,000 years ago. For more information visit grottadifumane.eu which this year has been organized to manage visits and educational workshops. As for San Giorgio di Valpolicella (Ingannapoltron), the visit to the Lombard-Romanic Pieve, the archaeological site and the Antiquarium, that collects artifacts prehistoric, Roman and early medieval remains of a settlement dating from production areas and especially at the age of Iron (V-III century BC.) are possible throughout the summer, until the first Sunday of November, on Saturdays and Sundays from 15.30 to 19.00, thanks to a group of volunteers. For info visit www.sangiorgiodivalpolicella.it   anna.caprini@valpolicella.it

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