The wild plants in the kitchen of Valpolicella

We are in May, what about the harvest calendar? It's time to harvest the wild asparagus, campion, chives, nettle, hop shoots, clematis, melissa, parietaria dandelion leaves, corn poppy, lamio and more. Beautiful names, which take different names in the dialects of Italy and sometimes even between different areas of the same province. Often with bruscansi we mean all those herbs that are collected (by the dialect bruscar, remove) creating confusion with the different species. It happens to discuss what is papaverine, which is the right time to harvest nettles, which is the balsamic period of some varieties. This is because we are talking about knowledge passed away, collections which were made by our grandmother, or mother or aunt, but now we have to remember with a certain bitterness the lack of knowledge or lack of experience, in walking through the fields or along country routes. We dedicate this month to our wild plants, the culinary tradition tied to herbs gathered along the paths and meadows, nicely recovered and enhanced by the menu of Enoteca della Valpolicella, among wonderful homemade pasta and risotto, the rediscovery of dishes with duck and goose, excellent selection of cheeses and a precious wine list, perhaps the richest of all the Valpolicella. The hospitality and cuisine according to Ada and Carlotta.  

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