Stop at Croce d’Oro for a plate of asparagus

Accommodation and food since 1800, the “Albergo Croce d’Oro” is run for 50 years by the family Corsi. It was a Post Station at the gates of Valpolicella, for those who descended from Val d'Adige, and thanks to the flourishing of marble economy in the area, it has become the most important historic trattoria in Volargne. In an old photo appears a small gold cross hanging at the entrance. Among the most important dishes, the homemade lasagnette with meat sauce of the Grandma Cornelia Caprini called "Nella". Historical i salso the cotoletta without the bone, the reason of routinely customers, called also the “cotoletta of Valpolicella”. This month you will find a menu dedicated to asparagus, from the open ravioli stuffed with asparagus and decorated with smoked ricotta to the classic dish with asparagus and eggs. Do not forget to go for a walk along the Adige river near Villa del Bene and enjoy the prospective of a different Valpolicella, alongside a river, whic is alive and still, in some places, very preserved.

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