Lamb from Lessinia mountains

Try listening to the stories of people stopping in the taverns of Valpolicella. Once, I remember, the argument fell over lamb. Somebody was speaking of a past Valpolicella and someone could remember very well: sheep, goats, the transition from the mountains to the plains. The memory was also regarding some cheeses, simple but delicious, which were made with goat's milk and sheep, very often mixed with cow's milk. The picture above seems to capture just the memory of these stories. It tells about Lessinia mountains, tells of a moment of rest of the flock on the way to the high pastures. An old menu of 1956 in a restaurant of Verona testifies this story: after paparele and figadini, next to the mix of boiled meats, the kid spit, lamb chops with “Molesini novei”. And this month we will dedicate our menus to the lamb of Lessinia. The menu we propose is managed by Trattoria Caprini of Torbe. It starts with the baked lamb with polenta, and then the traditional lasagnette with lamb sauce and it finishs with cream pie with ricotta and pinoli. The menu will be available through March, by reservation. www.trattoriacaprini.it

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