How did Corvina arrive in Valpolicella?

"There was, at that time, in Valle Polesella, a good and gentle man named Bertrando, and the humble work of the fields was his legacy ever. And very much sweat he poured on those clods, dry and stony, and the vines he took care, gave him a white and weak grape and a pale and slightly sour wine. Oh, how little warmth this wine could give him, in the cold days of long winter! Bertrando was suffering that his farm would give him so meager harvest and he prayed so much to the Lord, in order to help his work. One day in October, the humble farmer, tired from the long labor, was lying in the tepid sun, aiming the long row of vines jeweled clusters of gold. Suddenly, a loud flapping of wings and a painful sound attracted his attention and a moment later, Bertrando gathered in his hands a wounded and trembling crow. Then the farmer said to the bird: "Do not get scared, small “Grola”, I will save you ..." It was by taking care the wounds with squeezed white grape juice that he restored, lovingly, and gave freedom to the bird, towards the blue sky! ... And the crow, before going away from that site, flew high and joyous over the long rows of vines and by touching them with the wings he transformed the pale white grapes in turgid bunches of very black grapes, so that in a few moments the astonished Bertrando could see his kindness largely rewarded. Thus the Corvina grapes were born in Valle Polesella! ... "  

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