• How did Corvina arrive in Valpolicella?

    28 April 2015

    "There was, at that time, in Valle Polesella, a good and gentle man named Bertrando, and the humble work of the fields was his legacy ever. And very much sweat he poured on those clods, dry and stony, and the vines he took care, gave him a white and weak grape and a pale and slightly sour wine. Oh, how little warmth this wine could give him, in the cold days of long winter! Bertrando was suffering that his farm would give him so meager harvest and he prayed so much to the Lord, in order to help his work.

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  • Stop at Croce d’Oro for a plate of asparagus

    15 April 2015

    Accommodation and food since 1800, the “Albergo Croce d’Oro” is run for 50 years by the family Corsi. It was a Post Station at the gates of Valpolicella, for those who descended from Val d'Adige, and thanks to the flourishing of marble economy in the area, it has become the most important historic trattoria in Volargne. In an old photo appears a small gold cross hanging at the entrance. Among the most important dishes, the homemade lasagnette with meat sauce of the Grandma Cornelia Caprini called "Nella". Historical i salso the cotoletta without the bone, the reason of routinely customers,

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  • Pierina’s lasagnette

    27 March 2015

    At “Trattoria Caprini” there are three things you cannnot miss: the lasagnette of Pierina, served with the ragù sauce, the wine list, made by Sergio, and friendliness. Family Bonaldi, now in its fourth generation of restaurateurs, is mainly dedication to culinary culture, attention to what you put in the glass and then courtesy and kindness. "The great-grandparents, just married, opened a tavern with an adjacent small shop: it was 1907. After their grandparents continued that way, then my father with my mother Pierina and today we children, Davide, in the kitchen, Nicola to pull the sheet of lasagne, and me

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  • Lamb from Lessinia mountains

    17 March 2015

    Try listening to the stories of people stopping in the taverns of Valpolicella. Once, I remember, the argument fell over lamb. Somebody was speaking of a past Valpolicella and someone could remember very well: sheep, goats, the transition from the mountains to the plains. The memory was also regarding some cheeses, simple but delicious, which were made with goat's milk and sheep, very often mixed with cow's milk. The picture above seems to capture just the memory of these stories. It tells about Lessinia mountains, tells of a moment of rest of the flock on the way to the high pastures. An

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