Trattoria Dalla Rosa Alda

St. Garibaldi, 4 37015 San Giorgio di Valpolicella Tel: 0039 045 770 10 18 Fax: 0039 045 68 01 786 Email: Closing day:Array

This is a historical restaurant, where the cuisine expresses its original creativity, in the careful choice of local products. Simple and precious dishes, valorised by the perfume of hillside herbs.
Alongside the dishes of true Valpolicella tradition, which are served year round, the cuisine proposes herbs and flowers in the spring, truffles and mushrooms in the autumn, according to what the season offers.
Thanks to the recent remodelling, customers can enjoy 10 acclimatised rooms, cozy and customised, where the modern furnishings are alternated with traditional furnishings, in a warm union of comfort and functional efficiency.

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