Trattoria dalla Bice

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This “Osteria” has been doing business for over 100 years. People came here from the city to eat trippe, corn meal mush and soppressa and to drink a “goto” [glass] of rosè wine from Mechio. “Bice” helped the owner in the kitchen; today there is Gianni in the kitchen and Emanuela, who didn’t want to be a cook, but it just happened that she bought some wine nearby and fell in love with Gianni.
Gianni takes care of his guests, always offering polenta and soprèssa produced in the old fashioned way, homemade lasagnette with black Lessinian truffles, grilled meats and lamb with truffles, a recipe taken from the Sunday tradition of grandpa Bice.
You can find fresh and seasoned cheeses from Lessinia, accompanied by marmelade and fresh “mostarda”, a local jam.

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