Trattoria Da Nicola

Via Valle, 9 37020 Monte di Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella Tel: 045 7760180 Fax: Email:    Closing day:Array

Da Nicola is a warm and welcoming environment, a proper point of reference to taste the fine cuisine of the Valpolicella, accompanied by olive oil and wine produced by the restaurant itself and from the best wine cellars around.
The menu is decided upon day by day and proposes appetizers with fine local salamis, lard, hot polenta with mushrooms, pickled tidbits of our production; first courses with home made egg pasta: “agnolotti”, “pappardelle”, “tagliatelle” in broth with “fegatini” and “bigoli” dressed with ragout sauce and mushroom and truffle sauces. For the second course, try the braised beef with Amarone wine from the Valpolicella and the fine grilled meats.
During the winter season we also serve wild rabbit and roebuck with corn meal mush.
Finally, the dry sweets, produced by the restaurant, with Recioto and raisin wine from the Valpolicella.

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